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Pat casuta cu biblioteca Karoly 120*200

Pat casuta cu biblioteca Karoly 120*200

3,500 lei

Lovely, cozy, friendly, magic! Cam asa as descrie atmosfera creata.



  • Suprafata neteda si fina la atingere

  • Gard tip placa pe cele 2 laturi de la perete.

  • Fiecare piesa este vopsita cu un strat de grund si 2 straturi de lac sau vopsea. Se poate obtine orice nuanta doriti.

  • Somiera tip “rola”. Se poate strange si pune usor la loc pentru a putea sterge sub pat daca aveti nevoie.


  • Cadru pat ~ lemn de pin calitate A, import Austria cu toate verificarile de calitate si rezistenta; etajera ~ multistrat lemn/MDF vopsit

  • Substantele folosite pentru finisaje sunt lacuri si vopsele pe baza de apa, fara formaldehide, solventi sau coloranti toxici.

  • Somiera este din lamele elastice de lemn debitate la masurile necesare fiecarui pat. Pentru paturi cu latimea de 120 cm sau mai mari, somiera este impartita in 2 astfel incat lamelele sa reziste solicitarilor.

mai multe detalii despre materiale

“Copilul invata experimentand”. Despre AVANTAJELE patului la nivelul solului am scris aici

Pentru comanda se achita un avans de 1000 ron. Diferenta se achita la livrare.

Costul de ambalare, manipulare, transport este 200 ron. Pentru  Bucuresti/Ilfov montajul este inclus

Se poate ridica de la atelier (Bucuresti/ zona Fundeni).

Pentru restul localitatilor, transportul se face prin curier, iar montajul se face de catre client conform schitei. Montajul se poate face de o singura persoana. Timpul de montaj este de  30-40  min.

Termenul de executie poate varia in functie de volumul si complexitatea comenzilor pe care le avem in executie.

Pentru alte dimensiuni/culori sau alte specificatii pe care le doriti va rugam sa ne contactati pe email contact@lura.ro


  • For the bed frame ~  A grade pine wood, imported from Austria with all the quality and resistance checks. It is well dried and in addition it is layered, a feature that provides greater resistance, so that it does not bend in time as it happens with the second quality materials in the DIY stores.
  • For the bookcase ~ birch plywood/MDF
  • Each piece is painted with a layer of primer and 2 layers of varnish or paint, so the price does not differ depending on the type or colour of the finish. Any colour can be painted.
  • Substances used for the finishes are water-based varnishes and paints, with no formaldehyde, solvents or toxic dyes. For painting, you must bear in mind that the products manufactured and those made of natural materials such as leather, solid wood, veneer, cannot be manufactured identically from the point of view of texture, colour shades on different surfaces and particularities that appear on the material. Also, the colour shades may differ from one screen to another and small differences may appear.
  • The bed base is made of resistant birch wood slats, cut to the measures needed for each bed. For beds with a width of 120 cm or larger, the bed base is divided into 2 so that the slats can withstand the stress.
  • Smooth touch and fine surface.
  • The height of the panel is 43 cm.


Studies have shown that freedom helps to increase the child’s self-esteem and independence. In addition, the child enjoys feeling useful and managing to do certain things alone. Even when they are very young.

But starting at the age of 5-6 months when the child begins to crawl, to get up, to explore, parents’ concern about falling out of bed also appears. This fear is absolutely justified, and the ideal solution is exactly this floor bed.


Mattress is not included.

We do not recommend, a bed larger than 120 * 200 in standard children’s rooms, because this volume can load a lot the space.

An advance of 1000 RON has to be paid for the order. The difference will be paid upon delivery.

The cost for packing, handling and transport is 200 RON.

Free assembly operations offered for deliveries in Bucharest / Ilfov.

Can be picked up from the workshop (Bucharest / Fundeni area).

For the rest of the localities, the transport is provided by courier, and the client will carry out the assembly operations according to the diagram. The assembly operations can be carried out by one person. The assembly operations take 30-40 min.

The deadline may vary depending on the volume and complexity of the orders we are currently working on.

For other dimensions / colours or other specifications please contact us

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